Thursday, January 3, 2008

Look Alike

By the time the Y2K fever got over people and they were ready to welcome the new millennium, John Abraham had established himself as a successful model and was eyeing an entry into the movies. His girlfriend Bipasha Basu by then had launched herself into Film Industry. Abraham made his Bollywood debut with the controversial movie Jism at the age of thirty in 2003. The director was not very confident of his vocal prowess so John's character was presented on screen by using dubbing. It was not his voice in the movie. His debut was very unlike the main stream Hindi movie heroes who debut with action thrillers or tear jerker love stories. His was a debut that was in sync with times by playing an erotic emotional role. The film did not do very well at the box office, but his work was noticed widely. His first blockbuster smash hit came in the year 2004 when he took the antihero role 'Kabir' in Dhoom (2004). The movie was a hit and almost started the biker culture in India.He has appeared in a number of successful movies since then


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